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Colin Egglesfield is an actor, author and speaker who grew in a small town outside of Chicago. Having crafted a successful acting career working on hit television shows and films such as All My Children, Melrose Place, and Something Borrowed, he has also starred opposite some of the entertainment industries best including, Kate Hudson, Gary Oldman and Sylvester Stallone to name a few.


In between his acting projects, Colin also produces and writes and hosts a weekly live online talk show called Coffee with Colin in which he engages in empowering and inspirational conversations with fellow actors as well as athletes, thought leaders, and health and wellness experts.

In his book, AGILE ARTIST: Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond, Colin shares incredible insight and the strategies he learned from top acting teachers and performance coaches not only to overcome the odds in pursuit of his acting career, but also to stay empowered through two bouts of cancer and deal with the aftermath of living through the World Trade Center tragedy that rendered him homeless.

Colinʼs inspiring message of aspiration and resilience encourages others that they too can overcome their personal and professional challenges in pursuit of what matters most in life to achieve soul purpose goals and dreams.

With AGILE ARTIST as his platform, Colin has created a thriving community where he loves to support people in the art of world class communication and performance coaching!

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4.8 out of 5
134 Global Ratings

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"Throughout this book you wil find a personal tale of resilience, vulnerablity, and perseverence. You'll be reminded that life is short: that you must seize the day, without fear of any and all of its apsects."


-Catalina Sandino Moreno

Acadamy Award-nominated actress


COFFEE WITH COLIN is a virtual talk show with heart. Each week, actor and author, Colin Egglesfield, chats with fellow entertainment industry colleagues, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and authors about their experiences overcoming personal and professional challenges in pursuit of what inspires them. The show captures the essence of Colin's AGILE ARTIST/INSPIRE brand and translates it into a fun and engaging hour of insight and discovery that is broadcasted LIVE on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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