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I never thought an artistic career path was a realistic option when I was growing up. I always made room for creativity, but it was never my life’s focus. Going to school and getting good grades to go to college and ‘fit in’ was my life path. Until…

After answering a random radio ad during my senior year at the University of Iowa, I found myself in Milan, Italy walking the runways and shooting campaigns for some of the most prestigious fashion designers in the world including Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein. This led to a chance encounter with an acting class in New York City, shortly thereafter.


That acting class changed my life forever. I came to the realization that pursuing the life of an artist was not only possible, it was my passion. Over the course of my twenty-year professional acting career, I have learned so many invaluable life lessons performing on stages all over the world, co-creating with some of the finest and most talented artists and entrepreneurs in the industry.


I’ve also had the privilege of being trained and guided by world class acting teachers, managers, agents and life coaches. The principles of “honoring yourself,’ being fully and whole heartedly committed to inspiring outcomes and discovering how to effectively cultivate a sound mind, strong body and passionate spirit are just some of the few key distinctions that have served me immensely in my life.


These mindset ‘tools’ have enabled me to craft not only a successful career in one of the most competitive professions in the world, but more importantly, it’s these same principles that helped me navigate and overcome two bouts with cancer.


As Ernest Hemingway said, “We are strongest in the places we’ve been broken.” It’s the difficult and scary times in our lives that are our greatest teachers and allow for the biggest triumphs. It’s these challenging moments and the breakthroughs that I experienced as a result that were the impetus to author my first book, “Agile Artist: Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond.”





Colin recently wrote his first book called Agile Artist, Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond, which he now regularly speaks about at conferences, corporate and charity events, and seminars.


Through his story of overcoming severe shyness and insecurity when he was younger to finally taking a chance of pursuing what truly resonated with him- trying to make a career as a creative professional on some of the biggest stages in the world, Colin shares his unique and authentic experiences that inspire, make you laugh and sometimes cry.


The incredibly powerful insights and strategies that Colin talks about on life perspective that he’s gained having carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry, living through the tragedy of 9/11 as well as being diagnosed with and beating cancer, not once, but twice all while maintaining his career in front of the camera can be applied immediately to start causing the real change we want to see in our lives.


Colin is no stranger to adversity and, as such, shares how what he learned from the life-altering events that have shaped his life can benefit anyone else dealing with their own adversity in pursuit of fulfillment, good health, happiness, and harnessing one’s dream life!



One of the most rewarding parts of my life has been to see and hear how “Agile Artist” has so positively resonated with so many people which has resulted in me being invited to speak at corporations and charity events. I had the most incredible experience speaking around the country last year on my book tour which led to the discovery of my passion for motivational speaking and personal life coaching which I absolutely love!


As a result, I have created an online goal setting Master Class called “INSPIRE” which is six weeks of some of the most inspiring, creative and life altering paradigm shifts that enable you to take action and experience massive breakthroughs in areas of your life that historically haven’t been working. I’ve also created an on-camera and public speaking class called “Camera Ready!” which teaches people how to be more effective and impactful in front of the camera as well as in front of live audiences.


The best part of all of this has been able to share and connect with so many people, including virtually, to inspire, empower and to impart upon them all the incredible strategies and mindset insights that I have gained over my years of having to master that little voice in our heads that wants to keep us playing the game of life small.


By doing so, I have seen profound results in people’s lives by simply helping them to reconnect with their inner artist and showing them how to utilize the same principles that have enabled me to manifest my dreams and ambitions and deal with adversity from an empowered and intentional perspective.


We are all capable of amazing things in life. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to re-connect us to the truth within ourselves that lights the fire of possibility!



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