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Agile Artist: Life Lessons From Hollywood And Beyond is about trusting yourself to lean into the creative life that you have always wanted to realize. Everyone is an artist in one way or another, even if they haven’t connected with that part of themselves, and Agile Artist provides inventive strategies to help break through to your creative true self.


Agile Artist is full of valuable insight from my experiences in Hollywood and elsewhere including how not to try to get into the Playboy mansion, how not to embarrass yourself in front of Cate Blanchett and also some insight into pursuing your life’s passion and how to overcome some of the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of us creating the life we truly want.

Thanks you all for the support and encouragement that helped me make this happen – here’s to the artist in you!



I enjoyed this book immensely. It’s an almost meditative read. It’s insightful, at times extremely honest, and (most importantly) it held my interest. I dont normally read this type of book — by turns a biography, in some ways, and by turns a book of philosophy and self-help — but was in the mood to try something different. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s an interesting and relaxing read, but also inspiring. The sort of thing you can curl up with on the couch (as I did on Kindle) or under a tree on a summer day. I liked it a lot.

– Phil Elmore

I pre-ordered the Kindle version and started reading it immediately. I have found so many quotes and encouraging comments that I want to keep them handy. So, I have ordered the paperback version for highlighting and making notes.
Colin Egglesfield makes a great life coach, who, I believe, really cares about others and desires to help them find just how creative they can be. I’m looking forward to seeking out my “artist”.

– Mavis Koon

I’m a big fan of the “law of attraction,” but I find that most of the people who try it, or write books about it, don’t understand it. Colin does. You can’t just sit back on the couch and eat bon-bons and think about what you want. You’ve got to put in the work and effort as well. That way, when you do “manifest” your dreams you’re ready to step into them. I love that Colin talked about his failures and how he got through them, and how they became lessons he learned along the way. That’s how life works. The good and the bad work together for good, even if there are times when it seems like they won’t.

It’s real. He talks about being in NYC, living across from the Trade Center when the planes hit. We forget not everyone impacted by that day was in the towers. I kept thinking I’d get to the part about where he’s a rock star, all that and a side of champaigne, but he is amazingly real and humble through the entire book.

He not only tells a good story, but explains the law of attraction, or manifestation or whatever by telling us how HE did it. No preachy, how-to stuff. Just real. I highly recommend it., especially if you’re new to the law of attraction, or you’re a budding actor, or going through some tough times. Good, fast read.

– Becky Blanton

This book is nothing short of pure inspiration and encouragement. It’s hard not to let life knock you down when you are facing adversity. It’s also extremely difficult not to feel envy towards people who have money, success, and a flawless physical appearance. As a person born with a physical disability, this is something I struggle with everyday. Even simply typing that sentence made me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in some way. I’ve always had a hard time understanding why so many people get to live such great lives and why I was dealt these cards. Little things that people take for granted every day are things that I would give anything to be able to do. Life has always felt extremely unfair to me. After reading this book, it definitely made me feel like I need to stop being so hard on myself. If I can be more positive(which is something that’s never been easy for me), then maybe better things will start happening for me. Thank you Colin for giving us all a better perspective on life and the struggle within. Inner strength is something we all need to possess in order to obtain genuine happiness.

– Tamara Y.

It is bittersweet to finish a good book-but I look forward to following Colin Egglesfield’s latest venture–Real Estate broker in Chicago.

The story is set on 9/11 eye-witnessing the fall of the World Trade Center Twin Towers from his bedroom window in Lower Manhattan—it’s riveting until the end!

Colin has lived what feels like a few lives considering he’s a cancer survivor. Pre-med in the Mid-west; model, world traveler, Hollywood actor, triple threat, triathlete, community member and family man.

Colin’s left NY/LA for the next chapter in the Windy City. . .

If you’re interested in the entertainment industry and/or willing to put in the work with continuing ed, networking and paying it forward by giving back, then this book belongs on your summer reading list. You will be inspired to manifest your destiny.

Good luck!

– Lauren Kalafa

Although I am not much of a reader I decided to give this book a try, and I am very happy I did. I found this book to be very insightful and inspiring, and wasn’t able to put it down until I finished it.👏 Thank you for a great read. 🙌 Truly an inspiring and outstanding human being. Wishing nothing but the best for Colin Egglesfield. Praying all his dreams come true…May God Bless him always…🙏

– TMJAntonio

Always love to read the first book of an author, it was well written and an easy read. Colin’s true self came out as he shared his life lessons, showing how he let the creative side develop and come shining out. Felt like two friends swapping life’s stories!

– Robert Kelley

I just hit Chapter 2 and would stay up all night to read this if I could. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to keep reading.

– Laura B.

AgileArtist is the best I’ve read this year, it’s one of those books that hooks you on the first pages. The way Colin wrote makes you live every situation as something of your own, and makes you reflect 100% with every word. It urges you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, to realize that things are not easy, instantaneous, but by focusing on it you can achieve it!, it’s never too late!… it’s indeed a life lesson! expected this to be the first book of many! Congratulations! Absolutely recommended.

– Amazon Customer

Could you please pass on to Colin how amazing and inspiring his book is!! I’ve gotten half way through and am brought to tears. It truly is SUCH a wonderful read! I referred one of my therapy client’s to buy it for inspiration earlier this evening. Colin is a gift!

– Cathryn B

Most people tend to glamorize the life of an actor, thinking that their life must have always been the proverbial “bed of roses” and that they don’t face the same challenges that “normal” people do. Colin Egglesfield refreshingly and candidly shares his struggles (both personal and professional) along his journey to success as a TV and film star, and lets you in on the fact that he dealt with plenty of real life issues that will help you easily relate to him. HIs writing style is direct, honest and inspiring.

He has overcome a lot including health challenges, bearing witness to the horror of 9/11 as he lived very near the Twin Towers at that time and could see it unfolding from his apartment window, and learning to navigate and avoid the often phony waters of Hollywood “schmoozers” (agents, yes-men, etc.).

This book is written honestly and from the heart, and it will grab your attention and inspire you from start to finish. Colin obviously has a strong spiritual side that has sustained him along his path. He gives you an insider’s behind the scenes look at the life of an actor who first and foremost is a compassionate human being who is unafraid to be transparent as he shares significant events along his life path.

This book reminds the reader that we all have an artist within us that is accessible, and offers tips on how to tap into that part of yourself and create real life balance between your left and right brain gifts – in other words, how to be the Agile Artist you were born to become. He can now add “excellent author” to his list of artistic achievements. It’s an easy read that you will want to read from start to finish in one fell swoop, and you’ll walk away inspired to unleash your own artist within.

– CherylWriter

Throughout this book you will find a personal tale of resilience, vulnerability, and perseverance. You’ll be reminded that life is short; that you must seize the day, without fear of any and all of its aspects.

– Catalina Sandino Moreno

As an admirer of Colin’s work I wasn’t sure what to expect with his book, however it clearly didn’t disappoint! Colin places you as the reader into his full experiences, thoughts, vulnerabilities, pursuits and passions! He also hits the nail on the head with helpful tools while being inspirational and motivating! This is a book I will continue to refer to not only for myself but for family, friends and those who are searching for their inner artist! Great job Colin!

– Chicagogirl

I pre-ordered the Kindle version and started reading it immediately. I have found so many quotes and encouraging comments that I want to keep them handy. So, I have ordered the paperback version for highlighting and making notes.

Colin Egglesfield makes a great life coach, who, I believe, really cares about others and desires to help them find just how creative they can be. I’m looking forward to seeking out my “artist”.

– Mavis Koon

A Positive, Uplifting, & Honest Read that I could relate to as a tv host. Many of Colin’s stories about the entertainment industry resonated with me at the core- the ups, the downs, the excitement, & the real reason we are all here- To Create Art that Excites People & Brings them Happiness.

I loved all the uplifting ideas about manifesting the life you want & he gives many ways in which one could get out of their head & into action— to create their dream job!

I think this book will resonate with those looking to switch careers or those looking to build upon their current happiness to achieve more & give back to those around them.

This book gave me many great ideas to help me pursue what’s next!
Thanks Colin!

– HaileyB.

This book was amazing for several reasons. It was well written due to the authors descriptive writing style which surpassed my expectations. Colin reveals everything he has learned, as he takes you on a journey of his life in becoming all he set out to be in following his dreams. Not only did he experience 9/11 firsthand but the most significant struggle he faced was overcoming cancer, not once…. but twice! Throughout the book, the author offers motivational quotes and personal testimonials of courage and strength which I found truly inspirational.

– Chicitygrl1975

I don’t usually write reviews but this book is so good I want everyone to know and read it. Colin is open and honest with his story that you go through the ups and downs with him. I needed this book and didn’t even know it. I plan to use the lessons Colin gives to be more creative, positive and find my hell yeah!

– Lani704

This is truly one of the best books that I have read in 2019. The fact you had one of my favorite quotes of all time from Yoda made my day. Thank you for opening up your life, your fears, joys,sadness and your insights in your book. I hope you will turn this into an audio book and write more in the future.

– Pette

If you love being inspired this book is for you! Colin, brings to light what, “law of attraction” can really do to bring success to your life. We all need to celebrate our inner artist.

– Stephanie Mastro



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